"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to BLOOM…This is the Element of Freedom"

-Alicia Keys

29 June 2010

One of those weeks- Part 1

I have some explaining to do....{This post is a play on my friend Maria's post on her wonderful blog, Little Things are Big, One of those days...or was it?} I have to say that it has been One Of Those Weeks! I have been doing laundry like a mad woman {and we all know how much Laundry & I love each other} and cleaning our house from top to bottom, leaving little time for being on the computer.  Why you ask?  It all started last week, but let me fill you in on some details first:

We have a house that is 53 years old.  It was built by the builder of our neighborhood in 1957 for his family.  In 1958, a new family bought the house and they lived there until about 2 years ago.  Because our neighborhood is older and we have older trees and shrubs, we tend to have more bugs.  Our house sat empty for about a year before we moved in last fall {3 weeks before our wedding!}, which gave bugs a nice quiet place to live for a while.  After we moved in, I noticed quite a few multi-legged guests coming & going through our house at all hours of the day or night.  I used to be someone who would ALWAYS capture a bug and gently let it outside to freedom.  It didn't take long to convert me to a bug smasher.  Now, before you gasp in horror, let me tell you that I do not smash butterflies, caterpillars, honeybees, ladybugs or roli-polies. {or worms, Maria!}However, I have no love for spiders who come inside of my house, especially those who lurk around my bedroom or my kid's room.  I also have no love for earwigs (skin crawling as we speak), the hornets that magically appear in our bathroom, or any other creepy-crawly insects that like to hang out in our house.  But, I do love my family and our mother earth and future generations (this is a whole different post!), so when we decided that we needed to do something about our pest problem, I put down my foot when it came to calling the Orkin Man.  I have serious chemical phobia issues and would probably suffer a nervous breakdown if he came and sprayed poisons around my house, where we live & breathe.  So, we called an eco-friendly pest control company called Alpha Ecological.  They came out & sprayed their natural-based bug spray.  There was no scent of anything and we noticed a decrease in bugs right away.  Then came winter and spring & still no bugs.  We had Alpha Ecological come out about a month ago to spray for the summer & we have had no problems with too many bugs around.  I know that bugs are important & I don't mind them in small doses, but inside my house?  really?  No thank you!

Then we had rain for about 3 days in a row a couple of weeks ago.  Last week, we noticed that we had some weird jumping bugs in our bathroom, in Reese's room & in my craft room.  All of these rooms are on the south side of our house.  Outside on the south side of our house, we had taken out some bushes (we took them out because we were worried that they would be a haven for bugs).  We thought that we may have disturbed a nest of some kind because they were everywhere.  They were tiny, jumping bugs.

What could they be?

To be continued...


  1. Maybe they are ghosts of dead bugs...

  2. I know, I know! :) The most disgusting and annoying bug that I have also dealt with. Good luck getting rid of them but I know you will or hopefully already have.

  3. Excellent. I love your recommendations!
    But... what were they?


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