"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to BLOOM…This is the Element of Freedom"

-Alicia Keys

17 June 2010

Always on a Mission: Part 2

I recently wrote a post about always being on a mission to find an organizational system that will help me to finally be organized. Without it being such a difficult thing for me to grasp.  I am starting to understand that I need to stop trying so hard.  It is hard for me to figure out how to do that, but I am finally beginning to realize that I really am organized.  I may not be a "place for everything & everything in its place" kind of person, but I am slowly becoming organized in my own way. I have also started to realize that I like what I see when I finish working on a project, because Honey, I know it looks good! organizing with a bit of style...now we're talking.

However....My continual issue with paper is a large part of my issues with organization, paired with the "apparently-the-ability-to-plan-and-organize-gene-skipped-my-ass-entirely" lack of planning skills is seriously the area in my life that needs my time.  I need to take the time to sit down.  at a desk. away from the computer. Alone. with good music on. and think about the things that I need to do, the dreams & goals that I have for myself & for my family. Most importantly, figure out a way to let go of the things that are holding me back and move forward.  I know that I need to pick one thing that works for me & STICK WITH IT...even when it sucks. Or it is confusing. Or I don't understand what the hell I am doing. Or when I just don't want to.

Maybe this IS the place to challenge myself to do this one simple thing:  Pick one system. start it.

and STICK TO IT. Don't give up. Don't quit.

I am going to start with one thing: Pick one system, plan, whatever.  I have done some research and found some really good advice on a website called Yvette Writes.  I think that what caught my attention is that she has had to learn how to be organized and she has had to work at keeping her good habits.  She has a really good sense of humor, too.

I also found the Simple Mom blog.  She has several different things that you can download to help you stay organized.  All of you Stay-At-Home-Mommas {this is for you Andrea!}:  Scroll down a bit to the Grocery List.  This is where you will find what she uses to help her to stay on track when it comes to Meal Planning. I like that she uses del.icio.us to keep track of the recipes that she uses...I love Del.icio.us! I really like the Daily Docket and the Weekly Checklist.  I have created something similar to the Daily Docket, but for some reason it was hard to implement for me.  I like that she is realistic about how many things you will actually get done in one day.  I always think that I will get a ton done...and I usually don't.  But that is okay.

Whatever it is that I choose to use to help me with this monkey on my back, will be something that I will stick with for 30 days.  I will want to procrastinate or stop using it at least 20 times during those 30 days, but I am making a promise here, on my blog, not to quit.  I will let you know when I start...keeping this blogging everyday for 30 days has been a little bit of a challenge, but it has been really fun.   Now is the time to get better with the paper issue...I will let you know what I have decided to use and when the first day will be.  Anyone have something that they know that they need to start/stop doing to help make life a little better?  Want to join me?


So, on a completely unrelated note.  I can't blog without posting a picture.  The picture below is from Amy Butler {an amazing textile designer, among other talents}.  I bought this pattern a long time ago, but I think this will be something fun to PLAN to make this summer.  Aren't they so fun??

{These are just what my living room needs...but only one or two of them!}


  1. Good luck. Paper is a huge hassle. Let us know if you find a good system.

  2. Do you only want to adopt someone else's tried & true methods of organizing or are you open to the idea of creating your own personal method of organization? Something along the lines of "even if it looks disorganized to the rest of the world, it works for you" kind of thing. Just wondering...

  3. I have tried to use the systems that other people use & I have tried to make my own. I always start out totally into it & then a couple of weeks (or days:) later, I am over it and back to lacking a good system. I think that coming up with what works for me, using my stuff and whatever I find that I like should help. I also think that just sticking with it might be useful. lol.


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