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-Alicia Keys

07 June 2010

My Not-So-Martha Martha Stewart moment

{This was what I was imaging the cake would look like- no, not the whole thing, just one of the sections!}
So, in the spirit of letting go of perfectionism and in the tradition of making Reese her birthday cake, I embarked on the journey of making a 3 layer yellow cake with buttercream frosting, tinted with natural food dyes to achieve Reese's favorite color, Lavender. She also specified that she wanted "pink, green, yellow & blue polka dots." So, I bought all of the ingredients & set out to make The Cake.

I found this recipe on Bakerella.com and couldn't wait to use it. Here is what the cake was projected to look like:

I have made a layer cake once before & I have seen them being made (and frosted!) on TV, so I really thought that I could do it with this cake. I made the three layers last night, wrapped them up and planned on making the frosting this afternoon, before the little party we had for Reese.

I sort of forgot that frosting a cake in a kitchen in a house that lacks air conditioning when it is 97 degrees outside may lead to some serious cake issues.

it did.
As I watched the frosting stick to the cake & then pull parts of the cake up, I quickly realized that Reese's 6th Birthday cake wasn't going to be the 3 layers of lovely-lavender-polka-dotted-goodness that I had imagined.

Then something miraculous happened. I laughed my ass off. I finished it as best I could, put it on my cake stand from Crate & Barrel and put that baby in the fridge.

I let go of perfection.
You know what? It felt good to be able to laugh at myself & not beat myself up over it. Shit happens. I thought about how fitting it was, considering what I have been posting about lately. Embracing Good Enough. I knew that I had given the cake my best effort and isn't that really the point?

You know what else? The cake was damn good and the frosting was a lovely shade of lavender.

Plus, we ate it on the back patio and it was sort of dark out there.

P.S. And the icing on the cake (yes pun intended!) I can't upload my pictures from my camera for some reason. I will definitely post them tomorrow!


  1. I was just about to comment on how I want to see pictures of the final product. I am very proud of you for just enjoying the day despite the cake issues. And no matter what it looked like I am sure Reese loved it.

  2. Can't wait to see the pictures, but remember we all know what cake turns into (poop)...so wasting too much energy on perfection is silly. That's what I tell myself when things look like poo. I am just helping them reach their ultimate goal a bit more quickly. Really it's just super-efficient multi-tasking.

  3. I'm sure in years to come Reese will not remember that you messed up making her birthday cake, but that you cared enough to make what she wanted on her birthday - lavender frosting an all! You are so wonderful!


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