"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to BLOOM…This is the Element of Freedom"

-Alicia Keys

18 June 2010

it's payday, yo!

Yesterday was my sister's birthday.  We are having dinner with her tonight, so on my lunch break, I did a little shopping.  I went to a local store called Fancy Tiger Crafts.  {It is close to where I once lived and it is in an area of Denver that has really evolved into an eclectic shopping district, full of great shops, bars & restaurants. It is one of my favorite areas of Denver.}  Anyway, my sister likes to knit, so I thought that I would go there & see what I could find. 

Not a problem.  I found a neat knitting project book for my sister, a little sewing project for kids 6-12 for Reese that I saw on their blog & once I saw it in the store, I knew Reese would dig it, too.  It is definitely the one in the middle.  Reese is pretty particular about things she thinks should be for a boy!

I have been working on a project on and off for a while and while I was there, I found some great fabric for it.  It is exactly what I have been looking for...so happy!

It was fun to leave my office & get out of there for an hour.  Especially because I was able spend some time alone, looking at things {fabrics, books, crafty things}that make me happy.  What a difference in visual surroundings...my office & a small store filled with beautiful things.  What a difference in the energy in both places!  One filled with the little energy we have left on a Friday afternoon and the other, full of creative energy as people pick out things to help them create something or learn how to do something new.  It was exactly what I needed on a Friday afternoon...and you know, it is payday!

I will show you some before & after shots when I finally finish the project I mentioned above.  Hopefully that is soon.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Isn't it wonderful how just a little bit of "me" time can make the whole day brighter?! Happiest of Friday's to you!

  2. Payday is always awesome..the beginning of many craft projects and gift buying trips!


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