"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to BLOOM…This is the Element of Freedom"

-Alicia Keys

12 January 2010

My Obsession

{Photo from Here}

No, it is not the kitchen in the photo above!

I am finding it difficult to make the time to post...true to form, I tend to make things difficult by writing a long post or including a lot of links to various websites, which hinders my ability to post on a regular basis. I do have a couple up my sleeve which should make their way to the blogosphere soon enough, so....

In the meantime..................

Let me share with you my obsession. I have been loving this for about a year now, when I noticed it slowly making a comeback and I am so excited!!

What the hell is it then, you ask?


This isn't your 60's psychedelic or 70's groove or 80's pastel flower wallpaper, all of which carry the burden of being famously difficult to put up and hideous to remove, not to mention the fact that people roll their eyes and shudder in disgust at the mere mention of the word: wallpaper

Here are a few examples of why wallpaper has such a terrible reputation (and judging by these photos, it is rightly so!):

The 60's

{Photo from flickr-jlemmerstream}

The 70's

{Photo from Here}
The 80's

{Photo from Here}

{Photo from Here}

I grew up in a house that was decorated in the late 1970's. My parents had yellow shag carpet with this awesome white wallpaper with big yellow roses. I loved it! I had wallpaper in my bedroom that had children and balloons, all in yellow, green & orange on a white background. Sounds creepy, but it totally wasn't. The best part of the wallpaper was a sign that was printed on it that said "Keep off the Grass" Hilarious. That didn't keep me off the grass! hahaha. I have tried to find it online, but it seems to be an impossible search. I need to dig up some pictures and scan them in. I know that before I was born, my sister had a wallpaper in her room that was a jungle theme and she used to come into my parents room crying because she was afraid of the snake that was on the wallpaper...no wonder wallpaper freaks people out!!

So, by now you are probably wondering where I am going with this. I will be opening your eyes the Wallpaper of the 21st Century tomorrow. It is modern, beautiful, easy to install and some of it will totally blow your mind.

Here is a little taste of what is to come:

This is a picture of the house that belongs to Joslyn Taylor of the amazing blog (and first blog I ever read!), Simple Lovely. Another one of my favorite design sites, Design*Sponge featured a Sneak Peek of her house (you can check it out here). I fell in love with this wallpaper as soon as I saw it and that is what started the obsession.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I actually love the kitchen. I hear you on the wall paper too!


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