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-Alicia Keys

13 January 2010

Modern Wallpaper at its finest

I am late posting this, but who really cares? You won't once you see the eye candy I am about to show you! This is just a taste of the delicious wallpaper samples I'm dishing out tonight. I also hope that it changes the way that you think about wallpaper. Get ready to throw those old stereotypes out the window! Remember that wallpaper can be used instead of the colored accent wall in a room, or on just a small wall. It doesn't have to be on every wall in a room.
As I mentioned in the previous post, wallpaper has become a bit of an obsession for me. I love the graphic and artistic turn it has taken, although trust me, there is still some bad and I mean pastel-flowers-chicken-&-cow-watering-can-&-sunflower bad wallpapers out there. Maybe that is a bad example, but you get the idea. I am really here to highlight some of the amazing & modern papers for your walls.

It was so fun to look for some of these on the Internet...it was hard to limit it them to just a few. But don't fret, my lovelies, these won't be the last....

Cole & Son: This company has been making wallpaper since 1873. They still use some of their original equipment combined with modern technology. They feature some wallpapers designed by famous designers, including Vivienne Westwood. They are the maker of the incredible wallpaper that I posted yesterday. I have seen it all over the place, but it really is beautiful, isn't it?


Here it is again, being used in a completely different way:{www.cole-and-son.com}

Flavor Paper: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Definitely bold, but sexy! In particular, I love that they handscreen their unique wallcoverings. This company is based out of New Orleans, but are opening another location in NYC. Check it!

"Mustachio" in Graphite
{I particularly love this one, as I love mustaches. Not real ones, but fake ones. We made mustaches-on-a-stick for the photo booth we made for our wedding & I laugh whenever I see them}

"Cherry Forever"

-a design by the original owner, Ted

I have a couple of designers that I wanted to talk about tonight, but my husband's laptop is acting sort of crazy, so they will have to wait until later...maybe this is a sign that I need to buy my own computer....

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  1. I had no idea wall paper was back in style. :) Have you seen anything for a little girls room? I want to actually decorate Katie's room a little more.


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