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-Alicia Keys

15 November 2012

A Little Love For Martha

I have a lot of respect for all of you Every Day Bloggers out there.  I don't usually have a problem finding something to blog about, it is making time for it every day.  This is why my posts usually sneak in just before midnight....This NaBloPoMo 2012 has been fun though!  I did look for my blog on their blog roll because I had signed up for this month's challenge, but I couldn't find it on there.  They weren't alphabetical and there were quite a few of them, so maybe I just missed it.  Who really cares, I am finishing up this month regardless & I plan on continuing to blog because I really enjoy it.

Anyway, someone posted this interview with Martha Stewart on NPR's "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!" on Facebook recently and it is hilarious.  I love Martha Stewart, even when she is going on about how eggs right out of the chicken's nests on her farm taste better than eggs you buy at the store (duh, of course they taste better, but I don't have a farm or chickens-yet!), but seriously, this lady is amazing and she has a great sense of humor.

This is my favorite Martha Stewart Moment.  Plus, you learn something here that really does make something nobody really knows how to do ridiculously easy.

{Martha Stewart: How To Fold a Fitted Sheet}

So there you have it.  Now you know how to really fold a fitted sheet. Thanks Martha!!

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