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18 December 2009

Product Review Friday : An Ode to my Favorite Food Group: Cereal

So, I thought that I was going to give a review about something hip in the design world, but let's face it, I have nothing to give a review about in that area this time around. I will do my homework for next week. So, I have to write about something that I know about and I know that I love me some cereal. When I was a kid, my Mom was a natural foods kind of Mom...hmmm, sounds familiar. There were no Lucky Charms to be found in our pantry. My Dad used to joke that when my Mom made cookies, she went around the house and found all of the dust bunnies from under the beds and put them into the batter. Gross Dad! She didn't really, but she did grow her own bean sprouts. Way to go Mom! I remember once my Mom went out of town and my Dad took us grocery shopping. My sister and I put all sorts of things that my Mom would have never bought in the cart and my Dad was like, "sure, those look good." Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch...yesssss.

Anyway, my tastes have changed but I am still a Cereal Connoisseur. I have taken after my Mom and I buy natural cereal for my little family. However, I am not blind to the expense of buying boxed cereals. Holy shit. $4.99 for an 10 ounce box of cereal goodness? Uh, no thank you. So, I clip coupons and buy what is on sale and I always pay close attention to the ounces in the box. But we are not talking about the cost or coupons in this post. This post is dedicated to My Favorite Cereals (in no particular order):

{1. Peanut Butter Bumpers}: This was the food of choice when I was pregnant with Reese. I would buy a couple of boxes at a time. The ingredient list is about 4 ingredients, with nothing artificial, plus pregnant women find it delectable.

{2. Kashi Heart to Heart Oat Flakes and Wild Blueberry Clusters}: Wonderful & Scrumptious, with just the right amount of blueberry-ness and not too sweet. Definitely one of my all-time favorites!

{3. Yogi Cereals}: OOOO.M.G. These are my new favorites...the Walnut Spice Crunch is especially delicious. I bought them on sale at Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago and I think that I have a crush (or would it be a crunch? hahahaha) on this brand of cereal. The ingredients are simple, natural and just plain good. Instead of adding in vitamin C, they add in goji berries, which are very high in vitamin c and antioxidants. I wish more food companies thought like this.

{4. Mom's Best}: One day while shopping at my conventional grocery store, I stumbled upon this brand while shopping in their "Natural Foods" department. I almost cried when I saw the price...$1.99 for a 13.5oz box! I bought 2 of both kinds and my 5 year old and my husband loved both kinds. Now, on the box it says "Family-Owned for Four Generations" and " Mom's Best is named for our mother who taught us the importance of good food and good value." The family that owns this company is the same one that produces Malt-O-Meal, also known as MOM. Get it? Because I didn't until I read this blog, Locally Grown Northfield (as in Northfield, Minnesota). Malt-O-Meal, MOM, Mom's Best. The company really is owned by decendents of the founder of the company, who started it in 1919. I learned that here. Their cereal really is good & you can download $.75 coupons on their website.

{5. John McCann's Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal}: I love oatmeal. But Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal? Deeelicious. Steel cut oats are made of regular rolled oats that are put through a cutting machine that cuts each oat into about 4 pieces. When you cook them (and they do take longer to cook, but totally worth it), they have a very different texture than typical slow-cooked oatmeal. They sort of have a creamier texture. McCann's use non-GMO oats, as these are not allowed in Ireland. Their oats are grown by farmers who grow them specifically for McCann's. Try them, you'll like them!

{6. These are really good & MUCH better for you than P*P Tarts}: No artificial colors or flavors. No partially hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup. Enough said.

{7. Kashi Go Lean Crunch}: Tasty...but Google "Kashi Go Lean Crunch" and look at the second option when the drop down menu appears. Be careful not to eat too much of this cereal. I warned you!!


  1. Nice post! You know I love Bumpers too but now I have some other cereals to try. I wish we had a Whole Foods here though. Trader Joe's is great but it is out of the way from my house so I just don't get there as often as I would like.

  2. We eat a LOT of Mom's Best Naturals cereals in this house!
    When we're going for cost-effective (which is most days), I use the steel cut oats from VC and cook it with frozen blackberries and brown sugar. Tyler LOVES it. Of course, Kora can't stand oatmeal any longer, so she just gets toast. :)
    Also, I've discovered that making your own granola is super simple! Let me know if you're ever interested in the "recipe"!

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