"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to BLOOM…This is the Element of Freedom"

-Alicia Keys

03 December 2009

A Few Random Facts...

Inspired by my friend Maria at the lovely blog Little Things Are Big, today I am going to share some random facts about myself:

  • I love re-reading books that I read as a kid. and as a kid, I often read the same books multiple times. I think that I have read Pippi Longstocking at least a dozen times.
  • I do not like the word "Clog." As in clogged drains, etc. Coincidentally, I wear a pair of black clogs almost daily. even just typing it made my throat feel funny.
  • I don't like when my hands are dry. Therefore, I put lotion on about a million times a day. That feeling of dry hands...yuck.
  • I used to wear wool socks with my birkenstocks and I had no fashion sense whatsoever. None. Zip. Just ask my friend Andrea, who had to walk to school with me every day.
  • I had arguably the worst haircut of all time in the beginning of the 8th grade. It was so bad that my Dad had to hide a smile when he saw me. He wasn't being mean, it was a "Oh, I feel so bad, but it is a really bad haircut" kind of a smile. He reassured me that "no one will even notice." He was right, no one noticed. Until I got on the bus the next day and the first thing a kid said to me was "Nice haircut!"
  • I love getting in to a bed with clean sheets. Nothing like crisp sheets.
  • I have skydived and I have the video to prove it.
  • I used to be a High Ropes instructor at a camp. I sat on a platform in a tree 40' above the ground and put kids on to the longest zip line in Colorado.
  • I have traveled across the country to see the band Phish.


  1. Awesome! I love that your dad had to hide a smile!

  2. Hi Elisabeth, and thanks for your lovely comment you left on my blog. I'm actually in a process of forming a firm, Creative CoLab+, with 2 other Interior designers, 1 Industrial designer and 1 Interior Architect...we should be official by January 1st. We recently lost our artist, and might be interested in adding a graphic designer/illustrator/artist in our team. What is your speciality?
    e-mail me at mendozaheidim@gmail.com and lets talk more



  3. I don't remember that bad haircut so it couldn't have been that bad :)

  4. I can't remember who it was... but there was someone we went to high school with who couldn't stand the word "chunk."

    Hee hee!

  5. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for the message you left on my blog :)

    I like this post..the clog thing is funny! And I TOTALLY agree about crisp sheets :)



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