"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to BLOOM…This is the Element of Freedom"

-Alicia Keys

11 March 2009


Today marks the One Year Anniversary of my engagement to J. He picked out the ring by himself, with no input from me and I LOVE MY RING. It is a princess cut solitaire on a simple white gold band. Now, I have fingers that are a little...well, a good word for them is chubby. I needed a diamond that was in proportion to the chubbiness & that is what he gave to me. I took a great picture of my ring with my mom's camera and I will try & post it sometime soon. In the meantime, I would like to present....

10 Reasons Why I Love My Man (10 reasons of many):

1. He loves me and my daughter. Never puts himself first.
2. He is hilarious and has helped me not to take myself so seriously.
3. He listens to me. Like he really listens.
4. He is a wonderful source of encouragement. He is always telling me that that he believes in me and is encouraging of my talents.
5. He has an incredible work ethic. He consistently goes above & beyond at his job and gives his customers incredible customer service (even when they don't appreciate it or deserve it!)
6. He can build stuff and he is amazing with his hands.
7. When something needs to get done, he just does it. Especially when it involves building something or using tools.
8. When someone needs help with something, he jumps right in and he does it with joy in his heart.
9. Rarely complains about things, even when he has the right to complain.
10. He is HOT. The sexiest man I have ever known.
11. I know, this is number 11 on a list of 10, but it needs to be said. He is My Number One & My Only One. I never thought that I would meet a man like J, someone who is so loving and beautiful (inside & out). We have been blessed!


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  2. Love sure is beautiful, isn't it?

    I wanted to say it's wonderful, but it's so much more than that. It's love, and that is the most amazing adjective there is!
    Cheers to love!

  3. Congratulations. Love is lovely!
    PS I am so glad that you are regularly blogging. I will be checking in all the time!


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