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-Alicia Keys

17 May 2011

Me Likey: A Few Pregnancy Cravings

So, with pregnancy comes the usual food cravings...no pickles or ice cream for me, but I have had a few things that I am digging these days.  I have tried to keep it au natural, but I have indulged in a few not-so-natural things.  With my first pregnancy, I had quite a few more food aversions, namely to chicken (raw, grilled, fried-it didn't matter), but this time around I haven't really had any aversions (yet!)

1:  My current Favorite Beverage: CLEMENTINE IZZE.  I don't have one very often, but I love this drink.  I love anything orange, but I think that it is the fizz that I love the most (maybe it has something to do with being sick of drinking water!)

{image from a really cool blog I stumbled upon, pixiespace}

2:  An indulgence: Gummy Bears...but not just any old gummy bears.  Haribo Gold Bears to be exact. I actually asked Josh to go to the store one friday night to get me some.  He did.  He is the best husband ever!  This is my artificial indulgence:)

{image from here}

3:  Just something yummy from Finland: Panda Cherry Licorice.  Now, I am not biased, but I do have a fantastic Brother-in-Law who happens to be from Finland & who also happens to bring us Panda Black Licorice on occasion, but this Cherry Licorice is deelicious...I have to ration it out or I could easily eat the entire little box in one afternoon!  Sooo good!  What I really like about it is that it really is all-natural.  No creepy artificial colors or flavors or weird ingredients.
{image from here}

4:  The Weirdest One yet: Deviled EggsI have never been a fan of deviled eggs.  I love eggs, but not deviled ones!  This craving was the first one that I had, and it was also the first day that I had really felt this little baby move.  I had gone to a paint-your-own-pottery place with my daughter's Daisy troop and saw a deviled egg platter that you could paint & I honestly felt my mouth water.  WEIRD.  I went home that night, boiled some eggs and made my first deviled eggs.  I haven't craved them since, but it one of those things that I had to have...actually now that I posted a picture of them, I kind of want one...
{image from here}

5:  Okay.  I lied.  I am liking pickles.  My daughter has a good friend whose momma has become my good friend.  She works for a man who always made these delicious pickles.  So many people kept telling him that he needed to start selling them, so he did.  They are delicious.  Spicy, all natural and soooo good .  I almost had to fight my husband for the last one!  They are called Tru Pickles & are sold at Tony's Markets here in Denver and in the surrounding metro areas.  I need to buy another jar! 

{Here is the website: Tru Pickles}

Tomorrow is my wonderful husband's birthday, so I stayed up late to make him a delicious Hazelnut Chocolate Coffee Cake...I was going to clean up my mess while it was in the oven, but I decided to blog instead...I am so glad that I did.  The kitchen can wait!  I will let you know how the coffee cake turns out tomorrow...


  1. Somehow I have missed your last few posts until now. So glad to see you blogging a little here and there. Katie loves pickles...maybe I will check out that website and order her some. :)

  2. A budget friendly Haribo suggestion: I just found 'em at Save-A-Lot for .99 cents! Yea! Also, I'm PUMPED about the "Tru" pickles suggestion! I see them all the time at Ace Hardware (weird, I know) and I was always intrigued that a hardware store thought to sell pickles.. Now I will have to try them. Thanks! =)


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